ATOMS: Ancient Indian and Greek Philosophers

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What was the name of the scientist who laid the foundation of chemical sciences by establishing two important laws of chemical combination?


What does the law of conservation of mass state?

Mass can neither be created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction.

Which law states that many compounds were composed of two or more elements and each compound had the same elements in the same proportions?

Law of Constant Proportions

Who provided the basic theory about the nature of matter?


What did Dalton pick up as the name for the basic units of matter?


Who was the Indian philosopher that postulated the concept of Parmanu?

Maharishi Kanad

What did Democritus name the indivisible particles?


When did ancient Indian philosophers consider the divisibility of matter?

Around 500 BC

What did Antoine L. recognize by the end of the eighteenth century?

Difference between elements and compounds

Who suggested that if matter is divided, a stage will come when particles obtained cannot be divided further?


Explore the concept of divisibility of matter and the ancient Indian philosopher Maharishi Kanad's postulation about the smallest particles in this quiz.

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