Apple Glasses and Augmented Reality Technology

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What distinguishes Apple Glasses from Virtual Reality (VR) technology?

Apple Glasses use Augmented Reality (AR) technology to blend digital items with the natural environment.

Why was the Google Glass Initiative shut down in 2015?

Due to poor public response.

What is the primary purpose of the Lidar scanner in Apple Glasses?

To track the world around its user and augment digital features via its display.

What is the expected release date for Apple Glasses?


How do Apple Glasses aim to incorporate technology into daily routine?

By syncing with an iPhone and displaying text, emails, maps, and games.

What is the field of view for Apple Glasses?

52 degrees

What is the potential immersive experience mentioned for Apple Glasses?

Google Street View experience

What sets the price of Apple Glasses apart from competitors like Microsoft Hololens 2 and Vuzix Blade?

$499 plus prescription expenses, making it more affordable.

Study Notes

  • Apple's newest addition to their ecosystem: the futuristic Apple Glasses
  • Augmented Reality (AR) technology used, not to be confused with Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Apple Glasses combine digital items with the natural environment, contrasting VR's completely simulated environment
  • Google Glass Initiative was shut down in 2015 due to poor public response, Microsoft Hololens still in development
  • Apple Glasses aim to incorporate technology into daily routine, sync with an iPhone, show text, emails, maps, and games
  • Optical sub-assembly patent: Apple Glasses may function as in-headset vision correction device, eliminating the need for prescriptive glasses
  • Lidar scanner: key sensor for Apple Glasses to track the world around its user and augment digital features via its display
  • Potential immersive Google Street View experience, improved spatial awareness, and low light capabilities
  • Apple Glasses have a field of view of 52 degrees and a resolution of 47 ppi
  • Future plans for a separate wi-fi connection if Apple Glasses require heavy processing power from the iPhone
  • Apple Glasses to be released after an Apple VR headset, with Apple Glasses available in 2025 and the VR headgear in 2022
  • Apple Glasses priced at 499 plus prescription expenses, more affordable compared to competitors like Microsoft Hololens 2 and Vuzix Blade.

Explore the features, technology, and future plans of Apple's upcoming augmented reality glasses. Learn about the differences between AR and VR, optical sub-assembly patent, Lidar scanner, and the potential immersive experiences offered by Apple Glasses.

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