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What is the ultimate goal of chemotherapy?

To eradicate every neoplastic cell

Why is combination drug chemotherapy more successful than single-drug treatment?

It has a wider therapeutic index

What percentage of cancer patients will be cured by surgery and/or local radiation?

Less than 25%

Why do most currently available anticancer drugs not specifically recognize neoplastic cells?

They affect all kinds of proliferating cells

If a cure is not attainable, what becomes the goal of chemotherapy?

To control the disease and extend survival

What is the second leading cause of mortality after cancer?

Cardiovascular diseases

Which phase of the cell cycle is characterized by cells being relatively inactive metabolically and resistant to most chemotherapeutic drugs?


What are the common adverse effects associated with chemotherapy?

Severe vomiting, stomatitis, bone marrow suppression, and alopecia

What is the goal of treatment in advanced stages of cancer?

To alleviate symptoms and avoid life-threatening toxicity

Which type of chemotherapeutic agents are effective against replicating cells?

Cell cycle specific agents

Which of the following is a warning sign of cancer as mentioned in the text?

Unexplained weight loss

What is the purpose of debulking in cancer treatment?

To reduce the neoplastic cell burden

Which phase of the cell cycle follows DNA replication?


Which category of chemotherapeutic agents are structurally related to normal compounds that exist within the cell and interfere with the availability of normal purine or pyrimidine nucleotide precursors?


"Alleviation of symptoms and avoidance of lifethreatening toxicity" is the goal of treatment in which stage of cancer?

"Advanced stage"

"A sore that does not heal" is mentioned in the text as a warning sign for which type of cancer?

"Skin cancer"

Test your knowledge of anticancer drugs and principles of cancer chemotherapy with this quiz. Explore the key concepts related to cancer treatment and the use of systemic chemotherapy.

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