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Anthropological Archaeology 2PA3 Midterm 1

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Which field of anthropology focuses on the study of human language?

What does archaeology study?

What is the ideational perspective in anthropology?

What is the adaptive perspective in anthropology?

What are the three main branches of anthropology?

What is the next step after testing the hypothesis in the scientific method?

What is the first step of the scientific method?

List the First Four Scientific Methods

List out the 6 steps for the Scientific Method

Match the levels of theory

What Levels of Theory are required for High-Level Theory

Match the historical context to the right period

Match the correct description to the individual found in the Enlightenment Period

What is Charles Lyell's theory of uniformitarianism:

What is Alfred Vincent Kidder Known for ?

Lewis Binford came up with processualism

Ian Hodder defended Processualism

Match the Definition to the term

Match the terms to their definitions

What is the correct definition for a Geographic Information System (GIS)

What can Magnetometry and Ground-Penetrating Radar find?

What is the difference between In stui and Ex stiu?

Match the term to the definition

The use of fluid suspension to recover tiny burned plant remains and bone fragments from archaeological sites is called ____?

What is Prevention Bias?

What types of things can Soil Resistivity find?

Match the Site Formation Processes to their definitions.

Match the site formation processes with their definitions.

List the Site Formation Processes, PPFDLCR

What is the law of superposition?

Match the terms to their definitions

Seriation orders artefacts “in a series” from _____ to ______

Match the terms to the definitions.

Name the 2 effects of the Old Wood Problem

Match the terms to the definitions.

Describe what Trapped Charge Dating is.

Describe what potassium-argon dating is

describe what radiocarbon dating is.

Match the definition to its term.

Typology is objective, explicit, reproducible, and systematic arrangement of artefacts into “types”

List the Classification Types

Match the terms to the definitions

What is an example of a Functional type of artifact discussed in class?

Where did the case study Mousterian Scrapers originate?

what is the frision effect?

Match the definitions to their terms

Match the terms with their definitions

Match the term to its definition

Describe the difference between an artifact and an ecofact.

any undisturbed sequence of rocks deposited as layers, the ____ layer is on top and the _____ on the bottom

The ____ water/compacted soil the ____ resistance to electrical currents

____ is the middle-ground between processualism and post- processualism and founded by _______

____ sorting of processed bulk soil / sediment samples for tiny artefacts / ecofacts

What is the Moundbuilder Myth

The use of _____ can allow archaeologists to uncover ______ artefacts /ecofacts like pieces of charcoal, burned seeds, bone splinters, etc


Anthropological Archaeology 2PA3 possible questions for midterm 1

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