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What do all animal cells share in common?

Exchange materials with their surroundings

How do daughter cells originate in animals?

Through multiple divisions of a single cell (fertilized egg)

What is the initial state of animals at the beginning of their life?

Single cell (fertilized egg)

What is the role of homeostasis in animal bodies?

Maintaining internal stability despite external changes

What is the significance of the relationship between structure and function in animal bodies?

It determines the specific tasks a structure can perform

Animal cells do not exchange materials with their surroundings


All animal cells obtain energy from organic nutrients


Animals do not detect and respond to signals in their immediate environment


Daughter cells originate from a single cell (fertilized egg) that divides multiple times


Homeostasis plays no role in controlling body fluids in animals


What is the meaning of 'ctenophores'?

Bearing comb

What is the function of colloblasts in ctenophores?

Secrete sticky substance

What is the significance of cilia in ctenophores?

Propel the ctenophores

What is the unique feature of the gut in ctenophores?

Complete gut with mouth and two anal pores

How are nerve cells arranged in ctenophores?

As interconnected neurons in a nerve net

Test your knowledge of animal biology with this quiz on Chapter 41. Explore concepts such as animal structure, function, and behavior to deepen your understanding of the natural world.

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