Ancient Greece: Introduction and Early Civilizations

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What was the first Greek civilization developed by the Minoans?

Knossos civilization

During which period did the Greek people begin to use written language again?

Dark Age

What type of government did the people of Athens develop in about 510 BCE?


Who were the rulers of most city-states during ancient Greece?


What marked the end of the Mycenaean civilization?

Unknown reasons

Which period saw an increase in population and trade, along with the use of written language in ancient Greece?

Archaic Period

Which of the following groups was not part of Ancient Greek society?


What was a common leisure activity for wealthy Ancient Greek men?

Discussing philosophy and politics

Which of the following statements about slaves in Ancient Greece is true?

Some slaves had specialized skills like nursing or teaching

What type of theatrical performances did the Ancient Greeks enjoy?

Tragedies and comedies

Who played the roles of different characters in Ancient Greek theatrical performances?

Men wearing masks

What did women and slaves visit the agora for?

To buy goods for the household and hear news

Explore the history of Greek civilization starting on the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. Learn about the inhabitants, societal organization, rulers, and the transition of Greek civilizations from the Minoans to mainland Greece.

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