Ancient Greek History Timeline

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When did the Bronze Age start?

3000 BC

Which period marked the disappearance of literacy?

Dark Age

Who is considered the first historian to write about the Persian War?


Which period saw the construction of the Parthenon?

Classical Period

Who led Greece during the Hellenistic Period until the Romans took over?

Alexander the Great

At what time did a series of leaps forward take place, including domestication of animals and writing?

10,000 BC

Which culture is considered to be the first evidence of the Bronze Age?


What was the major importance of bulls in Minoan culture?

Religious significance

Which language was used by the Minoans that remains undeciphered?

Linear A

Who excavated the remains of Mycenae and Troy in the late 19th century?

Heinrich Schliemann

What event likely played a role in the end of the Minoans?

Massive volcanic eruption on Thera

What led to the sudden destruction of palace complexes in southern Greece around 12/1100 BC?

Violent conflict

Learn about the major periods in ancient Greek history from Prehistory to the Hellenistic period. Explore key events, developments, and cultural achievements of the Greeks during different eras.

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