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Who is the author of the text?

Dr. A. Rajitha Kanagasundaram

What field does Dr. (Mrs) A. Rajitha Kanagasundaram specialize in?

Siddha Community Medicine

Which system is the focus of Dr. (Mrs) A. Rajitha Kanagasundaram's work?

Cardiovascular System

Where does Dr. (Mrs) A. Rajitha Kanagasundaram work as a medical officer?

Rural area

Study Notes

Cardiovascular System Overview

  • Presented by Dr. (Mrs) A. Rajitha Kanagasundaram, Siddha Community Medical Officer, Thenmaradchi

(Note: Since the provided text is brief and doesn't contain much information, the study notes are concise and limited to the available context.)

Test your knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system with this quiz. Questions are based on the teachings of Dr. (Mrs) A. Rajitha Kanagasundaram, a Siddha community medical officer in Thenmaradchi.

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