Anaphylactic Reactions and Medication Interactions

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What does medication classification indicate?

The effect of the medication on body system

How does the form of a medication affect its route of administration?

It influences the absorption and metabolism of the medication

Where does most biotransformation of medications occur?


Which factor influences medication absorption based on the text?

The ability of the medication to dissolve

What causes medications to be excreted from the body?


Which route of administration provides rapid absorption due to immediate access to systemic circulation?

Intramuscular injection

What is the classification of aspirin based on the text?

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory

What is the main difference between side effects and adverse effects of medications?

Side effects are minor, adverse effects are serious

How is absorption defined in relation to medications?

The passage of medication molecules into the blood from its administration site

How do toxic effects of a medication typically develop?

After prolonged intake or accumulation in the blood

What triggers an allergic reaction to a medication?

The medication acts as an antigen

What is the primary function of enzymes in biotransformation of medications?

Breaking down and removing biologically active chemicals

What is one of the causes of medication errors based on the text?

Poor communication between nurses and pharmacists

Which action should be avoided to prevent medication errors according to the text?

Giving drugs another nurse has prepared

Why is it important to check the label against the doctor's order and patient's MAR three times when administering drugs?

To prevent medication administration errors

What can cause medication errors related to distractions during preparation according to the text?

Multiple interruptions during preparation

How can nurses prevent medication errors related to carelessness according to the text?

Ask another nurse or pharmacist to double check your dosage

What characterizes an anaphylactic reaction to a medication?

Shortness of breath

How should medications be administered via the sublingual route?

Placed under the tongue to dissolve

Which route involves injecting a medication just under the epidermis?

Intradermal (ID)

What is the most common route of medication administration?

Oral route

When one medication modifies the action of another, what type of interaction occurs?

Medication interaction

What should a client with a known medication allergy do in the future?

Avoid exposure to the medication

Which one of the following is NOT a route of medication administration mentioned in the text?


What is the basic formula for dose calculation of medications as described in the text?

Dose ordered × amount on hand

What should be included among the ten rights of medication administration?

The right to refuse the medication

What kind of route of administration involves opening the ear canal to administer a medication?


In the dose calculation formula provided in the text, what does 'amount on hand' refer to?

Medication concentration available

Which one of these is considered a medication error according to the text?

A preventable event causing inappropriate medication use or patient harm

Learn about anaphylactic reactions caused by medications and how to manage them, as well as the concept of medication interactions. Understand the importance of avoiding known allergens and recognizing the signs of severe allergic reactions.

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