Amit Biswas Programming Paradigms: Grammar and Parse Tree

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Which programming paradigm is focused on in Unit IV?

Object-Oriented Programming

What is a key feature of Object-Oriented Programming?

Abstraction and Information Hiding

Which language is specifically mentioned as an example in the context of Exception Handling?


What is a common construct used for managing concurrent access in programming?


Which book is not listed as a reference book in the text provided?

Programming in JAVA by John Doe , XYZ Publications

What is the overall goal of Programming Paradigms as mentioned in the text?

To instruct computers on tasks to solve problems

What type of language is assembly language?

Low-level language

Which component is NOT part of the Von Neumann Architecture?

Data Segment

What is the purpose of the Data Segment in the memory layout of a process?

It stores initialized data

Why does a high-level programming language require a compiler or interpreter?

To execute the program in machine language

What is the key characteristic of low-level programs in terms of speed?

They run very fast

Which segment of a process contains read-only program instructions?

Code Segment

Why is type checking important in programming?

To reduce the risk of runtime errors

What is a key benefit of type conversions in programming?

Facilitating input/output processing

Why do developers use multidimensional arrays in programming?

To represent complex data structures

How do arrays optimize memory usage in programming?

By organizing data items in contiguous memory locations

When would a developer benefit from using single dimensional arrays?

When collecting a collection of data items of the same data type

What role do type conversions play in interoperability between systems?

Type conversions are essential for interacting with systems using different data representations

In a 1D array, what does the equation Address of Arr[k] = B + W*(k-LI) determine?

The address of the element at index k

For an array A[5:20] with a base address of 1020 and 2 bytes per element, what is the address of the array?


What does LR represent in the formula for finding the address of a 2D array element in row-major order?

Starting row index

What does W stand for in the equation to find the address of a 2D array element?

Storage size of one element

In a 1D array, what is the purpose of LI in the address calculation formula?

Lower index

What information does N provide in the context of finding the address of a 2D array element?

of columns

What is the root symbol in a parse tree?

Start symbol

According to Chomsky hierarchy, which type of grammar is known as unrestricted?

Type 0

What does data represent?

Facts or values conveying information

What is the purpose of a parse tree?

Represent the syntactic structure of a string

Which production rule is not part of the given set P?

E → E - E

What distinguishes data from information?

Meaningful structuring

Explore the Chomsky hierarchy which divides grammar into 4 types, including unrestricted grammar, context-sensitive grammar, context-free grammar, and regular grammar. Learn about parse trees and derivation trees that represent the syntactic structure of a string based on context-free grammar.

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