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What is the central concept in Adler's theory of individual psychology?

Social factors

According to Adler, what is the style of life?

An individual's distinctive behavior pattern

In Adler's theory, what drives individuals to seek power, accomplishment, and recognition?

Style of life

How does Adler view the importance of an individual's unique experiences?

Crucial for understanding behavior

What aspect of an individual does Adler's theory of individual psychology focus on?

The whole person

How does Adler describe the style of life in terms of changeability?

Dynamic and changeable over time

According to Adler's style of life theory, what is considered the cornerstone of personal growth and development?


In Adler's theory, what motivates individuals to engage in goal-directed behavior?

Internal sense of purpose

What did Adler emphasize as crucial for understanding and navigating the world?

Common sense

According to Adler, who is ultimately responsible for an individual's actions and choices?

The individual

What do Adlerian therapists focus on when working with clients in therapy?

Examining style of life and setting goals

How does Adler's theory view the role of social factors in shaping behavior?

Primary influence on behavior

Study Notes

Adler's Style of Life: Exploring Individual Psychology

Alfred Adler, a prominent Austrian psychologist of the early 20th century, is widely recognized for his groundbreaking contributions to the field of individual psychology, specifically his theory of the style of life. Adler's perspective, while often overshadowed by more popular theories, offers unique insights into human behavior and motivation, particularly in the context of personal growth and self-improvement.

The Foundations of Individual Psychology

Adler, who studied under Sigmund Freud, eventually diverged from Freud's psychoanalytic approach, emphasizing the importance of social factors more than purely instinctual drives. Adler's individual psychology places a strong focus on the whole person, their unique experiences, and their place in society, rather than solely peering into the subconscious mind or examining specific symptoms.

The Style of Life

At the heart of Adler's theory lies the concept of the style of life, an individual's distinctive pattern of behavior that guides their actions and choices. The style of life is a holistic view of a person, encompassing their beliefs, values, and goals. Adler emphasized that the style of life is not fixed or predetermined, but rather a dynamic and malleable construct that can be changed over time.

Adler believed that individuals seek to satisfy their needs for power, accomplishment, and recognition through their style of life. He further postulated that the style of life is a reflection of an individual's unique life philosophy, shaped by their experiences and social context.

Central Themes

Several important themes are integral to Adler's style of life theory:

Courage: Adler believed that courage is the cornerstone of personal growth and development. Courage allows individuals to confront their fears, take risks, and strive for their goals despite obstacles and setbacks.

Goal-directed behavior: The style of life is goal-directed, meaning that individuals strive to accomplish specific objectives in their lives. Adler's theory posits that each person has a unique sense of purpose, and their behavior is aimed at realizing their goals.

Common sense: Adler stressed the importance of common sense in understanding and navigating the world. He argued that individuals possess the capacity to engage in rational, practical thinking, and that their behavior is shaped by their ability to use common sense to make informed decisions and solve problems.

Individual responsibility: Adler placed a strong emphasis on individual responsibility, arguing that each person is ultimately responsible for their own actions and choices. He believed that individuals can shape their destiny through their behavior and their choices, and that personal growth and development require a commitment to self-improvement and self-reflection.

Applications in Therapy

Adler's style of life theory has important implications for the practice of psychology, particularly in the field of individual therapy. Adlerian psychologists often focus on helping clients to identify and understand their style of life, and to explore ways to change their behavior and improve their lives.

Adlerian therapy is characterized by its collaborative and goal-oriented approach, with the therapist and client working together to identify the client's goals, explore the barriers to achieving those goals, and develop a plan for change. Adlerian therapists also place a strong emphasis on the role of social factors in shaping an individual's behavior, and they often encourage clients to examine their relationships and social interactions as part of their therapy.


Alfred Adler's style of life theory offers a powerful and unique perspective on human behavior and motivation. By exploring the ways in which individuals strive to satisfy their needs for power, accomplishment, and recognition, Adler's theory sheds light on the complex and dynamic nature of the human experience. Adler's theory also provides important insights into the ways in which individuals can shape their destiny through their behavior and their choices, and offers a framework for personal growth and self-improvement.

[Adler, A. (1927). The practice and theory of individual psychology. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company.]

Explore Alfred Adler's theory of individual psychology, focusing on the style of life and its impact on human behavior and motivation. Discover key concepts such as courage, goal-directed behavior, common sense, and individual responsibility as central themes in Adler's perspective.

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