Alfred Adler and the Power of Social Interest

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According to Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology, what is the feeling of oneness with all mankind called?

Social interest

What activates feelings of inferiority according to Alfred Adler?

Physical deficiencies

What do psychologically unhealthy individuals strive for according to Alfred Adler?


What do psychologically healthy people seek according to Alfred Adler?

Success for all humanity

What is the final goal that people strive towards in Individual Psychology?

A goal for personal gain or for humankind

Study Notes

Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology

  • Feeling of oneness with all mankind: Gemeinschaftsgefühl (community feeling) is the term used to describe the feeling of oneness with all humankind.

Inferiority Feelings

  • Activation of feelings of inferiority: Feelings of inferiority are activated when individuals experience organ inferiority or a sense of inadequacy.

Psychologically Unhealthy Individuals

  • Striving for: Psychologically unhealthy individuals strive for power, prestige, and superiority over others to compensate for their feelings of inferiority.

Psychologically Healthy Individuals

  • Seeking: Psychologically healthy people seek cooperation, mutual respect, and a sense of belonging with others.

Final Goal of Individual Psychology

  • Final goal: The final goal that people strive towards in Individual Psychology is to achieve a sense of superiority through social interest and contribution to the greater good.

Test your knowledge on Alfred Adler's concept of Individual Psychology and his belief in the importance of social interest. Explore the idea of oneness with all mankind and how our physical deficiencies can activate feelings of inferiority.

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