Aircraft Towing Safety Procedures

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What precaution should employees take when connecting a tow bar to the tow vehicle?

What is required before moving aircraft into hardened aircraft shelters with engines operating?

What should newly assigned aircraft maintenance personnel do after completing supervised on-the-job training?

When do wing and tail walkers need annual proficiency training during towing operations?

What is the responsibility of tow team supervisors during the pre-tow briefing?

What is the correct procedure regarding personnel and a tow bar connection to an aircraft and tow vehicle?

What is the appropriate action regarding boarding or leaving a moving aircraft or tow vehicle?

What key responsibility does the tow supervisor have before towing an aircraft?

What is emphasized in relation to control tower clearance during aircraft towing?

What is the correct practice concerning chocks during towing operations?


Test your knowledge on the safety procedures for towing aircraft as per AFI 21-101, AFMAN 11-218, and specific aircraft TO guidelines. Topics include connecting tow bars, watching for tow vehicle movement, and avoiding backing aircraft whenever possible.

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