Aircraft Throttle Lever and Door Monitoring System

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How are the thrust reverser doors operated?

They are opened and closed with the respective left or right aircraft hydraulic system

What happens if both stow switches signal 'not stowed' with the engine thrust lever in the forward thrust range?

The engine thrust will automatically be limited to idle by the Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system.

What is the purpose of the primary lock actuators in the Thrust Reverser (TR)?

The primary lock actuators control the primary lock mechanisms and are used to hold the doors in the locked position.

What is the function of the Tertiary Lock Solenoid Valves (TLSVs) in the Thrust Reverser Unit (TRU)?

The TLSVs control hydraulic fluid pressure to the tertiary lock actuators, providing a third mechanical locking mechanism for the doors.

What is the prerequisite to deploy the TR doors?

Overstowing the TR doors in cruise conditions

What is the recommended action regarding cancellation of reverse thrust at 60 KCAS?

Initiate reverse idle position

How often should the thrust reversers be deployed and stowed?

At least once every 100 hours

What is the limitation on using thrust reversers for power back?

Not approved

Where are the engine oil levels to be measured for Rolls-Royce / BMW engine warranty requirements?

From the sight glass on the outboard side of the engines within five to thirty minutes of engine shutdown

What is the purpose of the Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler (FCOC) in the oil distribution system?

Temperature control and filtering of oil

What are the limitations for the use of idle reverse thrust?

Idle reverse thrust is available for taxi purposes without time limit.

How are the thrust reverser circuit breakers powered?

The circuit breakers for the thrust reverser system are powered by the L and R main 28V DC.

Test your knowledge about the operation of aircraft throttle levers and door monitoring systems. This quiz covers topics such as the capability of throttle levers, frictional forces, and door position monitoring by the EEC.

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