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What is the main reason for night vision images to appear green?

Green is the best wavelength for enhancing natural night vision in humans.

Why are the colors representing temperature differences in thermal imaging not related to the actual color of the target?

To highlight temperature variations more effectively.

How is communication defined in the context of the text?

The act of transmitting information from one point to another.

What is the classification of communication systems based on the communication medium used?

Wired and wireless communication systems.

Which wavelength is mentioned as ideal for enhancing natural night vision?


What is the purpose of brain storming question 1.16 mentioned in the text?

To encourage listing all communication technologies ever used.

Why are night vision images used in green color and not another color?

To enhance natural night vision for humans.

What are the two main classifications of communication systems based on their medium?

Wired and wireless communication systems

What is the key role of the medium of transmission in communication systems?

To transfer information to the receiver effectively.

In what context is green mentioned as a significant color?

In thermal imaging for representing temperature differences

Test your knowledge on the applications of advanced optical physics in space-based satellite surveillance systems, aircraft, missiles, and other technological systems. Explore the origins and functionalities of RADAR technology in controlling ground vehicles and its relevance in modern electronic equipment.

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