Advanced Analytics Technology and Tools: Big Data Analysis

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What are the phases of the Data Analytics Lifecycle?

Discovery, Data Preparation, Model Planning, Model Building, Results & Key Findings, Operationalize

How can 'big data' be made suitable for analysis to obtain results & key findings in a timely manner?

Combine Phases 1 and 2

What is the term used for how the operating system manages files stored on a hard disk?

File System

What could be a solution if one runs out of space on the hard drive due to data capacity issues?

Copy data to an external hard drive

What could be the impact of file storage on the efficiency and speed of data access on disk drives?

High impact on efficiency and speed of data access

What is the purpose of a distributive file system?

To handle data access and storage across multiple computers

What advantage does data replication provide in a distributed file system?

It makes the system more fault tolerant

What distinguishes a commodity cluster from a parallel computer?

Commodity clusters are built out of less specialized nodes

In the context of scalable computing over the internet, what characterizes a commodity cluster?

Nodes with highly generic computing capabilities

What does distributing data on multiple computers entail?

Raising new issues in finding and managing data

Test your knowledge of making big data suitable for analysis and obtaining key findings in a timely manner. This quiz covers combining the discovery and data preparation phases, as well as advanced analytics technology and tools like Hadoop and MapReduce.

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