BUSA8030 Week 4: Big Data and Advanced Analytics Quiz

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Which approach to decision-making involves taking a logical approach and evaluating expected outcomes against objective criteria?

Rationalist Views

In the context of decision-making, which approach involves using heuristics and does not follow a straightforward sequential process?

Naturalist Views

Which theory distinguishes between System 1 for intuition/non-rationality and System 2 for reasoning/rationality in decision-making processes?

Dual-Process Theory

What type of intelligence is encompassed by System 2 in the Dual-Process Theory of decision-making?

Analytic intelligence

What characteristic is associated with System 1 in the Dual-Process Theory of decision-making?

Unconscious and automatic

Which concept emphasizes the importance of data in driving decisions and understanding human behavior?

Data-Driven Decision-Making

According to managers and decision-makers, what is one common perception about data-driven decision-making?

Data and analytics always lead to enhanced performance

What is one belief held by some managers regarding human-based decisions versus data-driven decisions?

Human-based decisions are always superior

In the context of big data, what is emphasized as important for organizations according to the text?

The rapid evolution and growth of big data based on new technologies

How do some managers view the role of data and analytics in decision-making?

As contributing to increased organizational productivity and added value

Which perspective about data-driven decision-making is NOT mentioned in the text?

Data-driven decisions always outperform human judgment

What is one aspect emphasized about big data in the text regarding organizations?

Organizations benefit from the rapid evolution and growth of big data through new technologies

What characterizes the Third Generation of analytics?

Real-Time Data Warehousing

Which type of system represents the Fourth Generation of analytics?

New ways of using data such as deeper understanding, better predictions or greater context

What is a key feature of the First Generation of analytics?

The DSS - a single decision-maker using data and analytic aids to support decision making

In the evolution of analytics, what marked the shift towards autonomy in systems?

Autonomous Systems in 2020

What is the main focus of the Second Generation of analytics?

(EDW) - data-focused approach to data management

Which era in the development of data-related systems saw the advent of Personal Computing?


Test your knowledge on topics related to Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Safety and Emergency Information, and Decision-Making in the context of management studies. This quiz covers material from the Foundations and Backdrop module, as well as the Future of Managerial Work module.

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