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What is the primary focus of Business Intelligence (BI)?

Measuring past performance and informing business planning

Where are Measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) commonly defined to enable BI reporting?

OLAP schema

Which technique refers to the combination used for drawing inferences and insights out of data?

Predictive Analytics & Data Mining

What does the text suggest about predicting customer churn rates?

It can be performed with some latency considering the speed of decision-making needed

Why do analysts need to partner with IT and DBAs for the loan process?

To get the data they need within an analytic sandbox containing raw and aggregated data

What is required for successful predictive analytics projects according to the text?

A combination of advanced analytical methods, big data, and machine learning algorithms

What is one benefit of in-database processing for deep analytics?

Enables faster turnaround time for developing new analytic models

What type of data can analytic sandboxes house, according to the text?

Webscale data, raw data, and unstructured data

How can organizations create a competitive advantage using advanced analytics?

Applying advanced analytical techniques to optimize processes

In the context of business problems, what do organizations have an opportunity to leverage?

Advanced analytics to create competitive advantage

Big data can only come in structured form, such as financial data and text files.


Most of the big data is unstructured or semi-structured in nature.


Parallel computing environments are not preferred for processing big data.


Non-structured data types like semi and unstructured data are not expected to contribute to future data growth.


In a classic RDBMS storing call logs for a software support center, all data is typically structured.


Test your knowledge on how advanced analytical techniques and big data can be fused to produce impactful analyses for business problems like reducing customer churn, increasing sales, and meeting regulatory requirements.

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