Adherens Junctions in Cell Interactions

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What is the role of cadherins in adherens junctions?

Serving as transmembrane adhesion proteins

In epithelial cells, where do the adhesion belts typical of adherens junctions form?

Around each interacting cell in the sheet

How are the actin bundles linked within the extensive transcellular network in adherens junctions?

Via cadherins and anchor proteins

What is the orientation of the contractile bundle of actin filaments relative to the plasma membrane in adherens junctions?


What is the proposed role of the transcellular network in animal morphogenesis mentioned in the text?

Mediating folding of epithelial cell sheets into tubes

What is the primary function of adherens junctions in nonepithelial tissues?

Directly connect the cortical actin filaments of two interacting cells

What is the role of catenins, vinculin, and α-actinin in adherens junctions?

Anchor the actin filaments to the plasma membrane

How does the transcellular network in adherens junctions contract?

With the help of myosin motor proteins

Where do prototypical examples of adherens junctions typically occur?

In epithelia as continuous adhesion belts below tight junctions

What is the role of desmosomes in cells?

Serve as anchoring sites for intermediate filaments

Why do the particular type of intermediate filaments attached to desmosomes vary among cell types?

Depending on the tissue, different types of intermediate filaments are needed

How do desmosomes contribute to the overall structure of tissues?

By forming a network that connects all cells within a tissue

Explore the various forms of adherens junctions, focusing on their role in cell-to-cell interactions. Learn about the prototypical examples in epithelial tissues and their structure. Understand how adherens junctions contribute to the integrity of cell sheets.

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