Cell Junctions: Tight, Adherens, Desmosome

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Which type of junction is responsible for preventing cell separation from tension forces like contractions?

Adherens Junction

In which type of epithelium do you find goblet cells that secrete mucus?

Simple Columnar

Which type of junction binds muscle cells to prevent pulling apart?

Desmosome Junction

Which type of junction allows the migration of ~1kDa molecules between cells?

Gap Junction

What is the function of simple columnar epithelium with cilia?


What is the net number of ATP molecules produced per glucose molecule broken down during glycolysis?


Where does pyruvate oxidation occur?

Mitochondrial matrix

What is the primary function of the Citric Acid Cycle in cellular respiration?

To produce additional ATP and electron carriers

Which process generates a proton gradient across the inner mitochondrial membrane to drive ATP production?

Electron Transport Chain

In the context of blood sugar regulation, what role does insulin play?

Decreases blood sugar levels

What characterizes Diabetes Mellitus in terms of blood glucose levels?

Elevated fasting glucose levels

Explore the characteristics and functions of tight junctions, adherens junctions, and desmosome junctions in cell biology. Learn about the proteins involved and their role in maintaining cell structure and function.

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