Acute Inflammation Lecture 5 by Dr. Manar Ahmed Abdelrahman

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Which of the following is a characteristic of emigration during acute inflammation?

Leukocytes roll along the endothelial surface

Which chemical substance is responsible for causing increased vascular permeability in acute inflammation?


What causes fever in acute inflammation?

Endogenous pyrogens

What is the main action of chemical mediators in the inflammatory process?

Vascular dilatation

In what type of acute inflammation is pus formation more likely to occur?

Suppurative (Purulent)

What are the cardinal signs of acute inflammation?

Redness, swelling, heat, pain

Which cells are the main inflammatory cells in acute inflammation?


What is the predominant cell type in chronic inflammation?


Which type of inflammation is characterized by vascular proliferation and scarring?

Chronic inflammation

What are the major components of acute inflammation?

Vascular changes, cellular events, chemical mediators

Learn about the complex reaction of tissue and microcirculation to a pathogenic insult, characterized by the generation of inflammatory mediators and movement of fluid & leukocytes from the blood into extra vascular tissues. This lecture covers the definition and types of acute inflammation.

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