Abnormal Psychology: 4D's of Abnormality

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What are the 4 D's of abnormality?

Danger, dysfunction, distress, deviance

Which historical views are associated with abnormality?

Demons, gods, magic, bodily fluids

Who is known for the cultural relativism view?

Dorothea Dix

Which individuals are associated with historical views on abnormality?

Philippe Pinel, Eli Todd, Dorothea Dix

What is the term used to describe the view that all beliefs, customs, and ethics are relative to the individual within his own social context?

Cultural relativism

Which culture-bound syndrome is characterized by brooding followed by an outburst of violent, aggressive, or homicidal behavior, and is associated with Malaysia?


Which defense mechanism involves quitting school to avoid speaking in public?


When someone didn’t get accepted to medical school and became a pharmacist instead, which defense mechanism is being utilized?


What defense mechanism is seen when a person who was abused as a child struggles to trust others and form relationships without remembering the abuse?


When a person does not believe they have a drinking problem despite confrontation from friends, which defense mechanism is at play?


Which defense mechanism is evident when someone yells at their children after having an argument with their boss?


After being diagnosed with cancer, what defense mechanism involves learning everything possible about the illness?


When someone blames their job loss on co-workers, which defense mechanism is being used?


What Culture Bound Syndrome is associated with reporting suffering from premature ejaculation or impotence and believing that one is passing semen in urine, particularly in India?


What DSM-5 specifier indicates that the criteria for a diagnosis are not fully met, suggesting "current (or provisional)" diagnosis?

In Partial Remission

Explore the concept of abnormality in psychology and the 4D's (Deviance, Danger, Dysfunction, and Distress) framework. This quiz delves into the historical perspectives and changing views on abnormal behavior, including cultural values and psychological dysfunction.

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