Pharm 1 (Part A)

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which are fat-soluble vitamins?

fat-soluble vitamins are stored where?

What may happen for taking large amounts of fat-soluble vitamins?

which vitamins are water-soluble?

Water soluble vitamins are not stored and urinated out

which vitamin is needed for growth of bones, teeth, and night vision

what is another name for vitamin A?

which vitamin is used in beauty products?

Which vitamin is found in animal sources and who may need this supplement

what is another name for vitamin B12?

Pernicious Anemia can cause what deficiency

B12 deficiency can lead to neuro symptoms

what is another name for vitamin C

what is a caution with pt with a hx of kidney stones related to vitamin C

a type of use for vitamin C

vitamin C deficiency is due to a lack of

vitamin E is thought to prevent heart disease

vitamin D is given for osteoarthritis

what is another name for Vitamin D

vitamin D comes from

the body needs which vitamin to absorb calcium

which vitamin is a reversal for warfarin

vitamin K is given to

which vitamin is needed to make DNA

you can give folic acid (B9) during pregnancy?

what is an major adverse affect with folic acid?

magnesium sulfate is used during

an overdose of magnesium sulfate can cause

calcium is essential for

calcium is contraindicated in those with kidney stones

which can cause black/green stool

if. you are low in iron how will you educate your patient on?

which claims to improve energy

which type of pt should you have caution with ginkgo biloba

which acts as an estrogen substitute

black cohosh treats symptoms of

Saw Palmetto can decrease ____ manifestations of hyperplasia

saw palmetto is a pregnancy category A

saw palmetto can interact with ___ and ___ medications.

Which affects serotonin

What is a potential risk associated with the use of ginger root?

What caution should be taken when using echinacea in patients with plant allergies?

What is a potential effect of valerian usage?


Test your knowledge on the potential risks of using herbal supplements such as ginger root, echinacea, glucosamine, melatonin, and valerian. Learn about their effects and potential interactions with medications.

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