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semi-liquid mixture of one or more flours combined with liquids such as water, milk or eggs used to prepare various foods

Type of cake made of meringue and flour.

fitting together the component parts of a certain dish or food

suitable or proper under the given circumstances

introducing air into the mixture thru mechanical agitation as in beating eggs

to combine ingredients and produce a homogenous mixture

sugar and egg white icing for cakes; Sugar is first cooked on the stovetop to from syrup, and then the hot syrup is beaten into whipped egg whites. As the mixture is beaten it becomes smooth, fluffy and glossy.

regular granulated sucrose containing various impurities that give distinctive color

icing made of butter and/or shortening blended with confectioner's sugar or sugar syrup, other ingredients may also be added

fine, white flour made from soft wheat

dry powder made from ground cocoa solids

leaveners such as baking soda, baking powder, or baking ammonia, which releases gases produced by chemical reactions

light cake made following the chiffon method- cake mixing method involving the folding

light pastry dough for making profiteroles, croquembouche and eclairs

junior chef

to sprinkle the surface with flour to avoid mixture to stick on it

edible mixture used to fill pastries, sandwiches, or cakes

quantity of material that fills or is used to design the top of food

continuously beat egg white to incorporate air until it becomes light and fluffy

Type of icing made of boiled sugar syrup that is agitated so that it would crystallize into mass of extremely small white crystals

rich cream made of chocolate and heavy cream

decorate or embellish something, specially food

French word for cake

Cover cakes with icing


Test your knowledge of baking and cooking techniques with this quiz! From understanding different types of mixtures to proper component assembly, this quiz covers a variety of culinary topics.

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