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If a job opening has been newly formed, or vacated recently, it is important to find out what the position, and eventually your organization, needs in a candidate who will assume the position.

Finding the best sources of recruitment, identifying the right talent, attracting and motivating them to apply for the job help you bring in a fresh perspective to your organization.

In order to zero-in on the right candidate for the job and move along with the recruitment process, it is important to effectively screen your candidates.

Short-listed candidates will move to the interview process after which you will determine whether the candidate is to be offered the job or rejected.

Once you have screened through all the potential candidates, you will have to offer the position to the most deserving one(s) who will be evaluated for credibility prior to the offer.

It will help you understand what skills and experience your potential employees must have in order to qualify for the job opening. It also helps potential candidates make a check-list to determine whether they’d be right for the job.

One of the most important parts of the recruitment process. It helps generate referrals internally, as well as externally on social media and job boards.

It motivates your current employees to be more productive and maximizes job satisfaction.

You can choose to recruit from within your organization by transferring your employee(s) from one department to another, if they are better suited for a different position.

You can choose to promote an employee with high performance rates to take over a senior position in the organization.

Depending on the performance and demand for workforce, employees could sometimes be moved to a lower position.

The employees in your organization can create a buzz on their social media accounts to generate job referrals for the vacancy.

If there is an urgent need or emergency, a retired employee can be called to fill in for a vacancy for a short period until someone else can step in.

Candidates who applied previously, but did not make the cut can be reached out to when appropriate job positions open up.

It can offer you a much wider scope of selection from a large number of candidates.

Whether they’re digital or in print, help create a strong brand identity and attract efficient manpower.

With an increase in the use of the internet, you can also list job openings on job portals where those seeking for jobs and better opportunities provide you with a great way to tap into industry talent

A career page on your company’s website can help those interested in your organization to apply for vacant positions.

Social media is the best place to look for potential employees these days. It is a great way to look for industry talent, as well as attract job seekers looking for opportunities.

Job fairs offer access to a large pool of talent and help you create brand awareness and build a brand identity, all while also saving cost, time and effort.

Recruiting young students who are enthusiastic and energetic can bring in fresh perspectives.

This is where the recruitment process can get a little challenging. Almost all candidates who have applied for the job are well qualified.








A purposeful exchange of ideas, the answering of questions and communication between two or more persons.

A process of private meeting conversation between people, where questions are asked and answered, for obtaining information about qualities, attitudes, prospectus etc.

Refers to a conversation with one or more persons acting as the role of an interviewer who ask questions and the person who answers the questions acts as the role of an interviewee.

Is the first step of conducting an interview. Prior to interview, the interviewer should make sure that he/she understands the key elements of the job. And the interviewer should go through the resume of the candidate for understanding his/her qualities and efficiencies.

The interviewer should have knowledge about the purpose of the interview, why he/she is conducting it. The interviewer should project the organization as the best place to work to the interviewee, which helps in selecting the right candidate.

An interviewer must identify the attitude, attributes, knowledge and skills of the applicants, who are needed for the success of the organization.

The applicant, who comes for an interview, will not be completely transparent. Hence, it is the job of an interviewer to un-mask the applicant and discover the inner qualities and skills during the interview. This good practice of hiring will help in selecting the right candidate for the organization.

Every interviewer should follow a structured interview process to get better results. A structured process of interview avoids bias and gives equal and fair chance to all the applicants. The best way for accomplishing this process is by using the behavioral based questions and situational questions.


In this type, the interview is designed and detailed in advance. It is pre-planned, accurate, and consistent in hiring the candidates

This type of interview is an unplanned one, where the interview questionnaire is not prepared. Here, the effectiveness of the interview is very less and there is a tremendous waste of time and effort of both the interviewer and the interviewee.

this type of interview, all the candidates or a group of candidates are interviewed together. This are conducted to save time when there is a large number of applications for a few job vacancies. A topic will be given to discuss among the candidates and the interviewer judges the innovativeness and behavior of each candidate in the group.

It is a semi-structured interview, where the candidates have to give a detailed information about their education background, work experience, special interests, etc. And the interviewer takes a depth interview and tries in finding the expertise of the candidate.

This are conducted to discover how a candidate behaves in stressful conditions. In this type of interview, the interviewer will come to know whether the candidate can handle the demands of a complex job. The candidate who maintains his composure during a stress interview is normally the right person to handle a stressful job.

The interview takes place one-on-one i.e., there will be a verbal and a visual interaction between two people, an interviewer and a candidate. This is a two-way communication interview, which helps in finding the right candidate for a vacant job position.

Such interviews are conducted in an informal way, i.e., the interview will be fixed without any written communication and can be arranged at any place. There is no procedure of asking questions in this type of interview, hence it will be a friendly kind of interview.

This is also called as a planned interview. It held in a formal way, i.e., the candidate will be intimated about the interview well in advance and the interviewer plans and prepares questions for the interview.

It is being conducted by a group of people. In this type of interview, three to five members of the selection committee will be asking questions to the candidates on different aspects. The final decision will be taken by all the members of the panel collectively

This are conducted for those employees who want to leave the organization. The importance of this is to discover why employee wants to leave the job

FIVE (5) P's


It is a fact that in many things even when the goal is the same the paths leading to it are always different.

The same can be said for any job prospects where there are diverse arrays of interview styles that seek to select that best for that particular profile. Employers adopt a variety of ways to find out if the particular candidate fits the bill.

This is a traditional interview and the most common type. In this interview the candidate and the interviewer meets face-to-face.

The main concept of the interview is to build rapport with the interviewer and show how the qualifications will benefit their organization. The interviewee should maintain eye contact, and respond to all the questions of the interviewer.

• It comprises more than two members interviewing a person for the hiring. • It is most common mode of interview when hiring at the senior level. • The interviewee should try to connect with each interviewer and the best way to do this is to read the personality of each interviewer.

The interview is conducted entirely over the phone and this is very effective in eliminating any bias that may arise from the appearance and manner of the candidate.

The main purpose of this interview is to see how the interviewer interacts with others and how he or she influences others with knowledge and reason

It is also the best way to discover any leadership potential among the candidates.

This type of interview is rare in the present job scenario. It was a very common interview method when selecting for sales position.







This quiz covers the recruitment and selection process, including identifying the needs of the position, finding sources of recruitment, screening candidates, conducting interviews, making job offers, and evaluating potential employees for credibility.

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