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What is the primary source of energy for plants?

Which cellular organelle do plants use to capture energy from sunlight?

What is the kingdom to which plants belong?

What is the predominant metabolic process in plants for obtaining energy?

Plants are prokaryotes.

Plants obtain their energy from sunlight.

Chloroplasts are the cellular organelles used by plants to capture energy from sunlight.

The kingdom to which plants belong is Animalia.

Plants are the eukaryotes that form the kingdom Plantae; they are predominantly ______.

This means that they obtain their energy from ______, using chloroplasts derived fr...

Plants obtain their energy from ______.

Plants are the ______ that form the kingdom Plantae.


Test your knowledge about eukaryotic organisms in the kingdom Plantae, which are mainly photosynthetic and derive their energy from sunlight through chloroplasts.

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