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What are the five basic principles of the Air Force’s organizational structure?

When did the Air Force Medical Service align the structure to mirror the line of the Air Force and what was the organizational structure name changed to?

What considerations did working groups use as a basis for developing a streamlined, consistent military treatment facility (MTF) organizational structure from a clinic to a medical group?

What are the three Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) objectives?

What Air Force Medical Service objective encourages health behaviors through a health-based culture to enhance resilient and human performance, while reducing illness and injury?

What Air Force Medical Service objective supports optimal medical readiness for all Airmen and ensures Air Force medics are current, trained, and equipped to deliver “Trusted Care, Anywhere” in?

What is the function of the Air Force Surgeon General?

What are two examples of a field operating agency?

What are the five types of military treatment facilities?

What squadrons are allowed in an MTF?

What are some flights you would find in the medical support squadron?

What are some examples of external customers?

What are examples of internal customers?

What are the two ways you communicate with your customers when you are face-to-face?

What factors should you consider when verbally communicating with a customer?

What is the most important customer service skill?

Within how many rings should you answer the phone?

What is the first thing you should do when you answer the phone and call someone?

What steps should you take when dealing with difficult situations?

What are the two types of e-mail?

What is a draft?

What is the first step in developing our correspondence?

What are the three general purposes of all Air Force writing?

What is the purpose of a letter explaining what to do when filing laboratory reports?

What is the purpose of a memorandum explaining why physical fitness is important?

What is the purpose if you are explaining how to report to the commander?

When thinking about your receivers, what questions do you ask?

What must happen first before writing an outline?

What three parts is the correspondence broken down to?

When editing, on what areas should you concentrate?

What are your concerns when editing for technical accuracy and coverage?

What should your topic sentence do?

What are the functions of AF Form 1768, Staff Summary Sheet?

How do you ensure someone has received and read e-mail correspondence?

How do you request a response via e-mail?

What tool is used for leadership to evaluate programs and processes that impact the delivery of safe, quality healthcare in their area of responsibility?

What is a private, non-profit organization that assists ambulatory healthcare organizations in improving the quality of care provided to patients?

What is used to score all applicable elements of Health Services (HSI), Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare (AAAHC), and applicable national patient safety goals?

Who appoints the MTF self-inspection program manager?

How can you get rid of needless “which” and “that” in your writing?


Test your knowledge of the Air Force Medical Service's organizational structure and objectives. This quiz covers topics such as the alignment of the structure, development of streamlined military treatment facility (MTF) organizational structure, and the objectives of the Air Force Medical Service.

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