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Transplanting the nucleus of an epithelial cell into an egg cell lacking genetic information leads to the formation of

a normally developing embryo.

Excess amounts of the amino acid tryptophan result in downregulation of the expression of the enzymes required for its synthesis due to

the repressor binding to the operator.

Mutations in which of the following elements would abrogate RNA polymerase’s ability to activate gene expression?


The figure below depicts which of the following mechanisms that cells use to maintain their identity through cell divisions?

positive feedback

Which of the following statements is correct regarding ATP driven pumps?

Eukaryotic cells contain a variety of ATP driven pumps including Na+/K+ ATPase, Ca++ ATPase and H+ ATPase.

MicroRNAs block the expression of a specific gene product by binding to the ___________ and inhibiting ___________.

mRNA; translation

A housekeeping gene is a gene whose cellular function is

important for processes found in all cell types.

In the cell, enhancer sequence functions are limited in their range of action by the formation of ___________ that hold specific genes and enhancers in close proximity.


The regulatory control of a gene product after transcription is called

post-transcriptional control.

Noncoding RNAs include all of the following EXCEPT


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