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What is the main focus of an English non-fiction text analysis?

Examining facts and real events

What distinguishes non-fictional texts from fictional texts?

Non-fictional texts present real people and events.

What should be considered in an English non-fiction text analysis?

Both structure and language

Which of the following is a typical task for analyzing a non-fictional text?

Evaluating the author's attitude towards the issue

Why is the introduction section of an English non-fiction text analysis considered important?

To introduce readers to the topic and arouse interest

What is the primary purpose of producing non-fictional texts?

To inform about real people, facts, and events

What is the purpose/intention of the text analysis checklist?

To guide in taking notes and writing a text

Which type of argument is NOT mentioned in the checklist?

Argument by example

What aspect of language is NOT discussed in the checklist under 'Use of language'?


Which stylistic device is NOT listed in the checklist?


What is the main focus of the checklist provided?

Helping in writing a text analysis using language support

Which aspect of the text structure is NOT highlighted in the checklist?

Use of quotes

What is the purpose of the instructions given in the text?

To provide a checklist for writing a summary

In the text, what is the key component of the analysis of Ms. Murati's writing?

Type of argument and structure

What aspect of language use is NOT included in the checklist provided?

Hyperbole and metaphor

Which type of argument is NOT mentioned in the text?

Argument by observation

What is the main focus of the instructions regarding the language support in the text?

To inspire reflection

What is the primary goal of Ms. Murati's text analysis as mentioned in the text?

To argue a point of view

What persuasive techniques were used by the author to support the argument on climate change?

Logical reasoning and emotional appeals

What is suggested about the evidence presented in favor of stricter gun control measures?

It is limited and biased

Which aspect of the journalist's writing was highlighted as effective in evoking empathy in readers?

Emotionally charged language and personal narratives

What was the author's main intention when informing readers about climate change intricacies?

To inform about climate change intricacies

Which of the following was NOT mentioned as a strategy used by the author to achieve emotional resonance?

Logical reasoning

What was emphasized as important in addressing contentious topics like gun control according to the text?

Evidence-based policymaking

How does the author use statistics in the text?

To support the idea that family-based immigration aligns with American values

What is the purpose of citing Theresa Cardinal Brown in the text?

To add credibility to the discussion on merit-based immigration

How does the use of emotive language impact the text?

It evokes urgency and frustration in readers

Why does the author compare US immigration policies to those of Canada and Australia?

To illustrate other countries' supply-oriented policies and point systems

What role does data from the Department of Homeland Security play in the author's argument?

To support the argument that low-skilled immigrants are not a burden

This quiz provides instructions on writing a summary, using language support, and analyzing a text. It focuses on how Ms. Murati tries to convince readers that artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT should be regulated.

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