Technical Writing - General Principles and Documentation Design

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What is the main focus of the course 'CODE OF COURSES'?

Technical writing

Which topic is NOT covered in the course 'CODE OF COURSES'?

Biotechnology applications

What percentage does the 'Final Examination' contribute to the grading in the course?


Which of the following is NOT a tool of technical writing?

Chemistry experiments

What is the significance of good technical writing?

Improves readability of technical documents

In which fields is technical writing commonly used?

Engineering, chemistry, and biotechnology

What is the main goal of technical writing according to the text?

To communicate complex information in a clear and understandable manner

Which type of document is a press release?

A document aimed at simply communicating information

What does a technical writer need besides strong writing and communication skills?

Proficiency with computers

Which of the following is an example of a guide product?

User Manual for a computer program

What is the purpose of a proposal document?

To describe the purpose of a project and the cost involved

In technical writing, what type of topics are commonly covered?

Technical or specialized topics such as computer applications or medical instructions

'Letters' in technical writing are usually written to whom?

Other employees within the business

What characterizes the information conveyed by technical writers?

Complex and difficult to comprehend

What are emails, letters, and memoranda commonly used for in business?

Communicating within a business

This quiz covers topics related to technical writing, including general principles of good writing, design and usability, documentation development process, writing instructions, and aspects of language. It also includes a section on obstacles to readability.

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