Wound Healing and Tissue Repair Quiz

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Which type of cells regenerate throughout life?

Which cells have the capacity to divide if stimulated by some initiating event?

Which cells cannot replicate?

Which stages generally constitute the majority of the time of the cell cycle?

Which form of extracellular signaling occurs via soluble mediators acting on the same cell?

Which cells have the highest regenerative capacity?

Which cells replicate at a low level throughout life?

Which cells are examples of permanent cells?

Which stage of the cell cycle is typically brief?

Which form of extracellular signaling occurs between nerve cells?

Which process involves the formation of new blood vessels?

Which type of collagen is most common in skin, bone, tendons, and most organs?

Which component of the extracellular matrix confers tissues the ability to recoil and return to a baseline structure after physical stress?

All of these growth factors are responsible for mediating scar formation in tissue, EXCEPT ONE

What is the hallmark of healing in tissue repair?

All of these growth factors induce angiogenesis in the process of wound healing, EXCEPT ONE

In which type of wound healing does the wound occur with clean wounds and little tissue damage?

All of these factors retards wound healing due to a more intense inflammatory reaction and greater amount of granulation tissue. EXCEPT ONE:

Which vitamin deficiency is essential for collagen synthesis and can lead to scurvy and bleeding gums?

Which type of healing occurs in wounds with large tissue defects and when the skin edges are not in contact?

Which factor is a systemic factor that can retard wound healing?

Wound contraction is mediated by what?

Which type of tissue regeneration cannot completely reconstitute the original architecture and may result in wound contraction or larger residual scars?

Cell growth and difeferentiation are dependent on what?

Extracellular signaling occur via soluble mediator in four different forms . Mention these forms


Test your knowledge of wound healing and repair with this quiz. Explore the processes of regeneration and tissue repair, and learn about the different regenerative capacities of various tissues. Sharpen your understanding of the body's mechanisms for healing and replacing damaged cells and tissues.

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