World Network of Biosphere Reserves

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Which forest in Gujarat is the last remaining habitat of the Asiatic lion?

Gir forest

What is the only representative of a variety of crocodile found in the world today?


Which region in India is home to a hardy range of animals that survive in extreme cold?

Himalayan region

What type of animal is the yak, found in Ladakh's freezing high altitudes?

Shaggy horned wild ox

Name a bird species found in the forests and wetlands of India.


What type of animals are important among animals of prey?


Which Indian biosphere reserve is famous for its Sundari trees and is included in the world network of biosphere reserves?


Name the biosphere reserve in India that is home to the highest peak in the country, Kangchendzonga.


Which biosphere reserve in India is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu and is known for its marine biodiversity?

Gulf of Mannar

Which Indian biosphere reserve is famous for its great variety of flora and fauna and is recognized by UNESCO?


In which biosphere reserve in India can you find the Great Indian Bustard, a critically endangered bird species?

Great Nicobar

Which Indian biosphere reserve is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is known for its rich biodiversity and as a UNESCO World Heritage Site?


What are some medicinal plants used by local people in India?

Elephants, one-horned rhinoceroses, wild ass, camels, bison, nilgai, chousingha, gazelle, deer, and monkeys.

Identify the type of forest shown in the picture.

Hot wet forests of Assam, Karnataka, and Kerala.

What are some animals found in the hot wet forests of India?

Elephants, one-horned rhinoceroses, bison, nilgai, chousingha, gazelle, deer, monkeys.

How many species of birds are found in India?

Approximately 2,000 species.

What percentage of the world's total bird species are found in India?


When was the Wildlife Protection Act implemented in India?

Test your knowledge on the biosphere reserves included in the world network, such as Sundarbans, Nanda Devi, Gulf of Mannar, and more. Learn about these diverse natural areas and their importance for conservation efforts.

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