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What type of force occurs when objects do not come into physical contact?

Non-contact force

When is work considered to be done?

When force is applied to an object resulting in movement

What is the standard unit of measurement for work?


Where can energy be obtained from according to the text?

Green vegetables, fruits, and nuts

What is the force that pulls objects towards the ground?


What keeps things on Earth's surface?


What must a rocket achieve to leave Earth's gravity?

Escape velocity

What is the principle used by parachutes to reduce falling speed?

Increased surface area

What is the energy of motion called?

Kinetic energy

Which form of energy is produced when vocal chords vibrate?

Sound energy

From which source does light energy primarily come from?


Study Notes

  • The topic of discussion is workforce and energy.
  • Activities in daily life involve pushing or pulling objects, which results in the application of force.
  • Two types of forces exist: contact and non-contact.
  • Contact force is the result of two or more objects coming into contact, with examples including a person pushing a box, friction, and a table supporting an object.
  • Non-contact force occurs when objects do not come into physical contact, with examples including an apple falling from a tree, a football in mid-air, and paper being attracted to a magnet or comb.
  • Work is done when a force is applied to an object, resulting in movement, and can be positive, negative, or zero.
  • The formula for calculating work is work = force x distance, with the standard unit of measurement being joules.
  • Energy is the ability to perform work and is essential for everyday tasks.
  • Energy can be obtained from food, such as green vegetables, fruits, and nuts.
  • The gravitational force keeps the earth orbiting around the sun, and the earth functions like a strong bar magnet with a magnetic north and south.

Test your knowledge of workforce, energy, and forces with this quiz. Explore the concepts of contact and non-contact forces, work, energy, and their applications in daily life.

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