Wood Structural Components Repair

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What should be checked on metal fittings attached to a wood structure?

What should be inspected on exposed end grain wood, especially spar butts?

How can compression failures in structural members be detected?

What might indicate a compression failure when inspecting a wooden member with a flashlight beam?

Why is particular attention necessary when inspecting wooden members subjected to abnormal bending or compression loads during a hard landing?

What could result from undetected compression failures in the spar of an aircraft wing?

What should be inspected for undulation, warping, or any other disparity from the original shape?

In light plywood structures, some slight undulation or bulging may be permissible if what conditions are met?

What should be checked for any deviation from the original shape to ensure safety?

Why is it important to investigate splits in fabric covering on plywood surfaces?

What does distortion in light plywood and spruce structures indicate?

If deterioration is found in components like light plywood and spruce structures, what other structure may also be affected?

What is the purpose of repairing all wood structural components?

What does 'solid wood' refer to in aircraft construction?

How is laminated wood defined?

What is plywood typically made of?

How are softwoods and hardwoods classified based on their uses in aircraft construction?

How is structural repair wood graded for possible use?

What is the recommended method for testing wood repairs according to the text?

What size should the pieces of scrap wood be for the sample test?

How should the pieces of scrap wood be joined in the sample test?

What should be the percentage of wood fibers on the fractured glue surface after breaking the joint in the test sample?

When repairing ribs in aircraft, what is advisable if new parts are available?

What is important when making a repair to a rib according to the text?

What is the main advantage of resorcinol glue over other adhesives?

When was resorcinol glue first introduced?

What should be followed regarding the usage of resorcinol glue?

Why is it crucial to use resorcinol glue at recommended temperatures?

In what industries did resorcinol glue find immediate widespread application?

How does epoxy adhesive differ from resorcinol glue?


Learn about repairing wood structural components to obtain a structure as strong as the original. Discover methods like gluing, glue and nails, or glue and screw-reinforced splicing for minor damage repair.

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