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What is inserted between adjacent subchannels in OFDM to allow different signals to travel separately and simultaneously without interfering with each other?

Guard band

What is the term for a mobile station operating in another service area other than where the service has been subscribed?


What is the device capable of simultaneously transmitting and receiving radio signals in a mobile radio system called?

Base station

Which component coordinates the activities of all base stations and call routing in a large service area in a cellular system?


What is the term used for the process of transferring a mobile station call from one cell or base station to another?


What is the main function of a mobile station in a cellular network?

Handle voice communications

Which part of the cellular network is responsible for simultaneously handling full duplex communications?

Base Station

What is the purpose of reverse voice channels in a cellular network?

Handle voice transmission from mobiles to the base station

What is the frequency used for transmitting from the base station in a mobile radio system?

Forward Link

Which term refers to the frequency for the base station to receive calls from the mobile users?

Forward Link

What are the mobile handsets used by users to communicate with each other known as?

Mobile Station

In a mobile radio system, what component controls each base station and allows interconnection to the telephone network?

Mobile Telephone Switching Office

Test your knowledge on wireless communications terminology with this quiz. Questions cover terms like OFDM, guard band, cell, and more.

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