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Which operating system is developed by Microsoft and is proprietary?

Windows Phone OS

Which operating system was originally used for smartphones and is now used for smart TVs?


Which mobile OS was the original smartphone OS used by Nokia devices?


Which one of the mentioned operating systems is associated with Blackberry devices?

Blackberry OS

Which type of service is Assistive Media?

Nonprofit service for visual and reading impairments

Where can one find audio recordings provided by Assistive Media?

Which operating system was developed by Microsoft for smartphones and pocket PCs?

Windows Mobile

What distinguishes Windows Phone OS from other operating systems?

'Closed source and proprietary'

What is the defining characteristic of a digital native?

They were born or brought up during the age of digital technology.

How can being a 'digital native' be determined according to the text?

By checking one's phone multiple times in the morning.

Which statement best describes the term 'Digital Native' based on the information provided?

Digital natives have a natural affinity for modern technology.

What role does technology play in a digital native's life?

Technology has made significant improvements in their lives.

How has the Internet impacted a digital native's world?

By making their world go round in motivational activities.

What is Information and Communications Technology (ICT) according to the text?

Technologies that have improved human lives in a short time span.

What is the main capability of smartphones and tablets that has led to their popularity?

Capability to perform tasks originally found in personal computers

Which type of social media site focuses on short updates from users?

Microblogging sites

What is the main characteristic of Android as a mobile operating system?

It is an open-source operating system

Which type of social media site allows users to upload and share media content like images, music, and video?

Media Sharing sites

What distinguishes blogs and forums as types of social media platforms?

They enable users to post their own content

What distinguishes iOS as a mobile operating system?

It is used in Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad

What is the main purpose of Assistive Media?

Providing audio recordings for visually impaired users

Which operating system is NOT mentioned in the text as being developed by Microsoft?


What type of devices was Symbian, the original smartphone OS used by Nokia, primarily used on?

Smartphones and pocket PCs

Which mobile operating system is described as closed source and proprietary?

Blackberry OS

Where can users find audio recordings provided by Assistive Media?


What is one key difference between Google Docs and traditional software like a Word Processor?

Google Docs is free and web-based, while a Word Processor needs to be purchased and installed for a one-time fee.

What is the primary concept of Web 3.0, also known as the Semantic Web?

To enhance the ability of Web technologies to understand and interpret human-generated content.

What is the main benefit of Software as a Service (SaaS) compared to traditional software installation?

Renting software for a minimal fee compared to paying a large one-time amount for ownership.

What does Web 2.0 emphasize in terms of content creation and sharing?

Diverse information sharing through universal web access.

What is the aim of technological convergence?

Combine different technologies to create new single devices.

As the world of ICT evolves, what do current trends in innovation aim to cater to?

Needs of people benefiting most from ICT, whether for business or personal use.

What is the term 'Web 2.0' known for?

Enhanced user participation and interaction

Which feature of Web 2.0 allows users to classify information using keywords?


What characterizes 'Rich User Experience' in the context of Web 2.0?

Dynamic content responsive to user's actions

How does 'User Participation' distinguish Web 2.0 from traditional websites?

Users can contribute comments, reviews, and evaluations

What characterizes the 'Software as a Service' aspect of Web 2.0?

Users subscribe to software only when needed

Which event contributed significantly to popularizing the term 'Web 2.0'?

O'Reilly Media Web 2.0 Conference in late 2004

Study Notes

Digital Native

  • A digital native is a person born or brought up during the age of digital technology and is familiar with computers and the internet from an early age.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

  • ICT deals with the use of different communication technologies such as mobile phones, the Internet, etc. to locate, save, send, and edit information.
  • ICT aims to have a unified way to communicate.

Philippines and ICT

  • The Philippines has 119 million mobile phone subscriptions from a total population of 101 million and 47 million active Facebook accounts.
  • The country is the fastest-growing app market in Southeast Asia and has the highest digital population in the world.
  • Top online activities among Filipinos include social media, videos, online mobile games, location-based search, and online shopping.

World Wide Web

  • The World Wide Web is an interconnected system of public web pages accessible through the Internet.
  • It was invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1989.
  • Web pages can be static or dynamic.

Web 2.0

  • Web 2.0 is the present generation of the World Wide Web that concentrates on its capability of providing people the means to collaborate and share information online.
  • Features of Web 2.0 include:
    • Folksonomy: allows users to categorize and classify information using freely chosen keywords (e.g., tagging).
    • Rich User Experience: content is dynamic and responsive to user input.
    • User Participation: others can place their own content by means of comments, reviews, and evaluation.
    • Software as a Service: users subscribe to software only when needed, rather than purchasing them.

Social Media

  • Social media is a website, application, or online channel that enables web users to create, co-create, modify, and exchange user-generated content.
  • Types of social media include:
    • Social Networks
    • Bookmarking sites
    • Social News
    • Media Sharing
    • Microblogging
    • Blogs and Forums

Mobile Technologies

  • The popularity of smartphones and tablets has taken a major rise over the years.
  • Different types of mobile operating systems include:
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Blackberry OS
    • Windows Phone OS
    • Symbian
    • WebOS
    • Windows Mobile

Assistive Media

  • Assistive Media is a nonprofit service designed to help people who have visual and reading impairments.
  • A database of audio recordings is used to read to the user.

Trends in ICT

  • Convergence: the combination of two or more different entities of technologies to create a new single device.
  • Social Media: a website, application, or online channel that enables web users to create, co-create, modify, and exchange user-generated content.

Test your knowledge of Web 2.0 interactive features and concepts such as user comments, user accounts, and folksonomy. Learn about the origins of the term Web 2.0 and its impact on user participation on the web.

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