Spanish Grammar: Morphology and Syntax



3 Questions

What is the central axis of this problem?

What are the proposals outlined in the text?

What is the primary purpose of the disciplines or levels of analysis?


  • The disciplines or levels of analysis are established by each grammatical approach by means of an essential distribution that assigns to each of them a specific task, historically variable.
  • The central axis of this problem has traditionally been centered on the delimitation of the contents of Morphology and Syntax, disciplines that even today continue to be identified with the basic contents, sometimes exclusive, of the grammar of a language.
  • The proposals outlined below are still operative in the various current manuals of grammatical teaching of the Spanish language.


Test your knowledge of Spanish grammar by taking this quiz that covers the disciplines of Morphology and Syntax. Explore the historical development of these disciplines and their role in understanding the structure of the Spanish language.

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