Volumetric Analysis and Titration

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What is the solution of accurately known strength called in volumetric analysis?

Standard solution

How is the completion of a titration typically detected?

Color change

What is the term for the point at which the titrant is enough to fully react with the analyte?

End point

In volumetric analysis, what is the name given to the process of adding the standard solution until the reaction is complete?


What is the term used for an auxiliary reagent that helps detect the completion of a titration?


What is the term for a solution in volumetric analysis that contains equivalent of a substance per liter of solution?

Normal solution

In volumetric analysis, what is the term for the process of preparing standard solutions based on the number of equivalents used?

Equivalence calculation

What is the key advantage of using the equivalent system for the preparation of standard solutions in titrimetric analysis?

Simplifies calculations at the end point

What type of solution is used in the determination of only one substance and reacts with a definite quantity of another substance?

Empirical solution

Which type of standard solution contains the gram molecular weight of a substance in one liter of solution?

Molar solution

What is the point at which the titrant is sufficient to fully react with the analyte known as in volumetric analysis?


Which type of solution is used for simple calculations in titrimetric analysis due to its equivalence to the substance being determined?

Normal solution

Learn about volumetric analysis, titration, and standard solutions used in analytical chemistry. Understand how to determine the concentration of a substance by reacting it with a solution of accurately known strength.

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