Volumetric Analysis and Titration

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What is the endpoint in a volumetric method of analysis?

The endpoint is the signal that tells the analyst to stop adding reagent and make the final reading on the burette. It is observed with the help of an indicator.

What is the equivalent point in a titration?

The equivalent point is the point at which an equivalent or stoichiometric amount of titrant is added to the analyte based on the stoichiometric equation.

What are the key pieces of equipment used in volumetric analysis?

The key equipment used in volumetric analysis includes: pipettes, burettes, conical flasks, wash bottles, funnels, and volumetric flasks.

How do you prepare for a volumetric analysis experiment?

To prepare for a volumetric analysis experiment, you must: 1) Write a balanced equation for the reaction between the two chemicals, 2) Clean all glassware with distilled water, and 3) Rinse the pipettes and burettes with the solutions being added to them.

What are the two solutions used in a volumetric analysis?

The two solutions used in a volumetric analysis are: 1) The solution of unknown concentration, and 2) The solution of known concentration, also known as the standard solution.

What is another term for Volumetric analysis commonly used in the laboratory setting?


Define Standard Solution in the context of Volumetric analysis.

A reagent solution of accurately known concentration.

What is the process called to determine the concentration of a solution by titrating with a primary standard?


What term is used to describe the point at which the reaction is observed to be completed in Volumetric analysis?

End point

What is the main purpose of Volumetric Titrimetry in quantitative chemical analysis?

To determine the volume of a solution of accurately known concentration required to react quantitatively with the analyte.

Learn about volumetric analysis, a method in quantitative chemical analysis to determine the amount of a substance by measuring its volume. Explore how titration is used to determine the unknown concentration of a reactant in the laboratory.

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