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What is the consequence if a player hits the ball twice in succession during a volley?

The opposing team gets a point.

How is the first game serve determined in volleyball?

By a volley.

What happens if a served ball grazes the net but still lands on the other side?

The serving team gets a point.

In volleyball, what action can result in the defense scoring a point?

Out of bounds hit by the offense

How many hits are allowed per side during a volley in volleyball?


Which violation occurs when a player touches the net with any part of their body while the ball is in play?

Violation D

What violation involves a player reaching under the net and interfering with the ball or opposing player?

Violation H

Which violation specifically prohibits a player from blocking or attacking a serve?

Violation A

Under what condition is reaching over the net permitted in volleyball?

When executing a follow-through

What is the consequence if a player fails to serve in the correct order?

Give a point to the opponents

Test your knowledge of volleyball serve rules with this quiz. Learn about serving from behind the restraining line, different serving techniques, and rules for scoring points. See if you know when a serve can graze the net and how the first game serve is determined.

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