Volleyball Rules and Regulations

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How many players are on each volleyball team?

Six players

What is the maximum number of substitutions allowed per set in volleyball?

12 substitutions

When is a player allowed to spike the ball in volleyball?

Front-row players

Who is allowed to block the ball in volleyball?

Front-row players

How many players are in the front row of a volleyball team?

Three players

What are the three scenarios in which the defense can score a point?

Offensive miss, out-of-bounds hit, serve into the net

What is the minimum number of points a game of volleyball must be played to?

25 points

What is the requirement for winning a volleyball game?

Must win by 2 points

How many hits per side are allowed in volleyball?

Maximum of three hits

What is considered a legal hit in volleyball?

Contact with the ball by a player's body above and including the waist, which does not allow the ball to visibly come to a rest

Test your knowledge on the rules and regulations of the volleyball game, including team composition, substitutions, rotations, and playing the ball. Learn about the specifics of player positions and rules to excel in the sport.

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