Vocabulary Quiz: Statutory, Apostate, Ecstatic, Reinstate

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What does it mean for something to be statutory?

It is created and controlled by rules and laws

What does it mean to reinstate someone?

To give back their job or position

How would you describe a person who is staid?

Set in their ways, serious, law-abiding, conservative, and traditional

What does the term 'obstacle' refer to?

Something that gets in your way or stops you from doing something

How can you describe a stationary object?

Still, fixed, not moving at all

What does the term 'substitute' mean?

Taking the place of someone for a short period

In what context would you use the word 'stature'?

Determining social standing in society

'Contrast' refers to which aspect between two things?

How those things are different from one another

Study Notes

Vocabulary Building

  • Statutory: Refers to something that is created, established, and controlled by rules and laws, carrying the full force of the law.
  • Apostate: A person who has abandoned their religious faith, political party, or devotional cause.
  • Ecstatic: Feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joy about something.

Restoration and Replacement

  • Reinstate: To give back someone's job or position that they lost, or to restore to use something that was no longer being used.

Personality Traits

  • Staid: Describes someone who is set in their ways, settled, serious, law-abiding, conservative, and traditional, perhaps even a bit dull.

Social Status

  • Stature: A person's social standing or level of importance in society, determined by their position in life or character.

Barriers and Obstacles

  • Obstacle: Something that gets in the way or stops someone from doing something.

Movement and Change

  • Stationary: An object that is still, fixed, or not moving at all.

Temporary Replacement

  • Substitute: Someone or something that takes the place of another for a short period of time.

Comparing Differences

  • Contrast: Highlights the differences between two things.

Conditions and States

  • State: The current condition or situation of something, describing how it stands or what shape it is in.
  • Statement: Something said or written to convey information.

Test your knowledge of vocabulary words such as statutory, apostate, ecstatic, and reinstate with this quiz. Learn the meanings of these words and how to use them in sentences.

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