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What does the word 'metropolis' refer to?

A large city

Which word means 'noisy, unruly, or disorderly'?


If something is described as 'shoddy', what does it mean?

Of poor quality

What does the term 'tirade' refer to?

A long, angry speech

'Perilous' means:

Full of danger

'Vagrant' refers to:

A wandering aimlessly person

What does the term 'adieu' mean?

A farewell, similar to 'good-bye'

In the example sentence provided, what does 'assimilate' mean?

To absorb fully, adopt as one's own, or adapt fully

Which term is synonymous with 'peak'?


What does the term 'bogus' mean?

False or counterfeit

What does 'inundate' mean?

To flood, overflow, or overwhelm by numbers or size

Which term means 'to speak evil of or slander'?


Test your knowledge of vocabulary words and their definitions with this quiz. Learn the meanings of words like 'adieu', 'advent', and 'apex' with examples provided.

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