Vocabulary Quiz: Profound, Ratchet, Pantomime Definitions

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What is the definition of 'profound' as used in the text?

Very great or intense

Which of the following best describes a 'ratchet' based on the text?

A device with angled teeth allowing motion in one direction

In the context of the text, what does 'pantomime' refer to?

Expressing meaning through gestures accompanied by music

What is the meaning of 'redundant' based on the text?

Unnecessary because it is more than is needed

Which term refers to the last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgement?


What does 'teeter' mean in the given context?

Walk unsteadily

Which word means 'strong hostility' according to the text?


What does 'indoctrination' involve according to the text?

Teaching uncritical acceptance of beliefs

Which term describes something that is large or heavy and difficult to carry or use?


What does 'fallout' refer to in the context of the text?

Unpleasant results

What is the opposite of 'cumbersome' based on the text?


What does 'carnage' refer to?

Killing a large number of people

Which word is a synonym for 'teeter' based on the text?


What does 'Armageddon' represent in the New Testament?

The last battle between good and evil

How would one describe 'bionic' based on the text?

Enhanced by electronic device

What is the meaning of 'cripple' as described in the text?

To disable or paralyze

What is the main implication of 'mortise' based on the text?

To join securely using a peg

Which term best describes an action of 'rigging' based on the text?

Securing or fixing something dishonestly

What is the opposite of 'cumbersome' as per the text?


How is 'fallout' characterized in the text?

Unpleasant effects after an action or event

What does 'cumbersome diving suits' suggest based on the text?

Unwieldy and difficult to manage attire

Test your knowledge of the definitions of the words 'profound', 'ratchet', and 'pantomime'. This quiz will challenge your understanding of these vocabulary terms.

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