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What is the main difference between ocular blindness and cortical blindness?

Ocular blindness is caused by eye dysfunction, while cortical blindness is caused by brain dysfunction.

Which pathway of the visual system is responsible for 'What' processing?

Ventral pathway to the temporal cortex

Visual information processes in greater detail in which part of the brain?

Occipital cortex

Which type of lesion would primarily affect landmark discrimination?

Ventral lesion

What does cortical blindness refer to?

Brain dysfunction causing blindness

Which part of the brain processes 'Where' information in the visual system?

Parietal cortex

Which pathway is disrupted in a patient with visual neglect?

Where pathway

Visual agnosia results from damage to which part of the brain?

Inferior temporal lobe

What is disrupted in a patient with visual agnosia?

What pathway

In the visual system, the retina is responsible for:

Light transduction

Which part of the visual system is described as a 'waystation'?

Lateral Geniculate Nucleus

Which part of the brain is the primary termination point for Optic Tract fibers?

Lateral Geniculate Nucleus

What type of lesion results in blindness in the contralateral visual field?

Lesion of Area 17

Which area of the brain deals with complex aspects of vision and can result in visual agnosia if lesioned?

Association Visual Cortex

A lesion that results in blindness of the right eye belongs to which type of defect?

Homonymous Defect

Where are upper visual fields projected in the brain?

Lingual Gyrus

Which structure within the optic tract projections is responsible for pupillary light reflexes?


Test your knowledge on the visual pathway, lesions of the visual pathway, pupillary light reflex, and understanding the brain anatomy and physiology. Explore the complexities of the brain's visual system and its relation to vision.

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