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What is the speaker referring to when mentioning 'myrtle'?


What does the speaker regret leaping at in the text?

The sun

What does the speaker feel on their forehead as they walk in the rain?


Where do people believe the best sight is according to the text?

Shambles' Gate

Why do people throw stones at the speaker in the text?

For their year's misdeeds

What does the speaker feel safer letting God do in the text?

Repay them

Study Notes

The Poem's Setting and Imagery

  • The poem is set on a specific day, exactly one year after a significant event.
  • The atmosphere is festive, with roses and myrtle, but also chaotic, with house-roofs heaving and church-spires flaming.

The Speaker's Experience

  • The speaker is reflecting on the past year, and their actions have led to their current situation.
  • They had asked for the sun, but instead, they gave it to their friends to keep.
  • The speaker claims to have done everything possible, but now they are reaping what they have sown.

The Current State of Affairs

  • The crowd has dispersed, and only a few people remain at the windows.
  • The best view is at the Shambles' Gate, or at the foot of the scaffold, implying a sense of execution or punishment.

The Speaker's Punishment

  • The speaker is walking in the rain, and their wrists are bound by a rope.
  • They are being stoned by people for their past mistakes.
  • The speaker's forehead is bleeding, suggesting physical harm.

Conclusion and Reflection

  • The speaker is acknowledging their mistakes and the consequences of their actions.
  • The poem raises questions about accountability and redemption, with the speaker suggesting that they are safer now, implying a sense of acceptance or resignation.

Test your knowledge of Victorian poetry by analyzing and interpreting a verse about roses, church-spires, and sunsets. Explore themes of nature, nostalgia, and society in this literary quiz.

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