Vedic Society and Religions of India

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Match the following social classes with their descriptions:

Brahmins = Priests Kshatriyas = Rulers/Warriors Vaisyas = Farmers, Craftspeople, Traders Sudras = Laborers, servants

Match the Hindu deities with their roles:

Brahma = Creator, Has Knowledge of Vedas Shiva = Destroyer, Supreme God of Gods Vishnu = Preserver, Protects Universe Lakshmi = Wealth and Good Fortune

Match the following tenets of Hinduism with their meanings:

Brahman = Universal Spirit Atman = Human Soul Karma = Good or Bad Actions Dharma = Each Person's Spiritual Duty

Match the breakaway religions with their distinguishing features:

Jainism = Focus on Nonviolence and Vegetarianism Sikhism = Founded 1400 AD, Monotheistic, Hybrid of Hinduism and Islam, Reincarnation

Study Notes

Social Classes

  • Brahmins: priests, teachers, and intellectuals
  • Kshatriyas: rulers, warriors, and administrators
  • Vaishyas: merchants, artisans, and farmers
  • Shudras: laborers and servants
  • Untouchables: outcasts and cleaners

Hindu Deities

  • Brahma: creator of the universe
  • Vishnu: preserver of the universe
  • Shiva: destroyer of the universe
  • Ganesha: remover of obstacles
  • Durga: goddess of strength and protection

Tenets of Hinduism

  • Dharma: moral order and righteousness
  • Artha: material wealth and prosperity
  • Kama: pleasure and desire
  • Moksha: liberation from the cycle of birth and death

Breakaway Religions

  • Buddhism: emphasis on Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path
  • Jainism: emphasis on non-violence and self-control
  • Sikhism: emphasis on devotion to one God and ten Gurus

Study guide text covering the religions of early India, focusing on the Vedas, Sanskrit language, religious rituals, castes, and social classes like Brahmins, Kshatriyas, and Vaisyas. Explore the foundational texts, secret rituals, and rules that shaped the Vedic society.

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