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Which type of metadiscourse includes connectives such as 'first', 'next', and 'in connection with'?

What type of metadiscourse is used to help readers understand the writer's intended meaning by rewording, explaining, defining, or clarifying the sense of a usage?

Which type of metadiscourse is used to express the writer's commitment to the probability or truth of a statement?

What type of metadiscourse is used to inform readers of the source of the information presented?

Which type of metadiscourse is used to make explicit the discourse act the writer is performing at certain points?

Romanticism was a strong reaction against Neoclassicism.

Romanticism emphasized the revival of the national cultural heritage and interest in the Anglo-Saxon and medieval historical past.

Neoclassicism emphasized the importance of feelings, inspiration, and imagination.

Neoclassicism rejected the freedom of artistic expression.

Romanticism rejected normative prescriptions concerning artistic content and form.


Test your knowledge of Vande Kopple's classification system for metadiscourse, including textual metadiscourse and code glosses. Learn about the different types of text connectives and how they are used, as well as the purpose of code glosses in helping readers understand the writer's intended meaning.

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