Vaccination and Immunity

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What term is used to describe the protection from disease provided by vaccination or recovery from the disease itself?


Who discovered why vaccination works by working on cholera vaccination around 1880?


What term did Pasteur use for cultures of avirulent microorganisms used for preventive inoculation?


What is the term used for treatment of disease by using chemical substances?


What did Paul Ehrlich develop in 1910 as the first synthetic drug to treat syphilis?


What substance was long used to treat malaria and derived from tree bark?


What is the study of immunity called?


Which branch of microbiology focuses on the study of fungi?


What is the purpose of vaccination/inoculation?

To stimulate the immune system

Which substances are produced by the body's immune system to inhibit virus replication?


What branch of microbiology focuses on studying protozoa and parasitic worms?


How have recent advances in genomics impacted the classification of microorganisms?

By introducing new tools for classification

Who was the first to prove that a bacterium causes anthrax?

Robert Koch

Which scientist advocated hand washing to prevent transmission of childbirth fever?

Ignaz Semmelweis

Who found a way to protect people from smallpox through vaccination?

Edward Jenner

Which scientist showed that a silkworm disease was caused by a fungus in 1835?

Agostino Bassi

Who used a chemical disinfectant (phenol) to prevent surgical wound infections?

Joseph Lister

What term is derived from the Latin word 'vacca' meaning cow?


Test your knowledge about vaccination, immunity, and the history of vaccines. Learn about the discoveries made by Pasteur and the different types of vaccines available today.

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