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At what age can a child recognize people?

Three months

What is cognitive development?

The process of gaining in the ability to know and understand the world

What is the first interest of a child after birth?

The external environment

Study Notes

  • Cognitive development refers to the process of gaining in the ability to know and understand the world.
  • Cognitive development begins right after the birth.
  • The child begins to take interest in the external environment immediately after its birth.
  • It can track objects with its eyes and shift them (eyes) to look at moving objects.
  • The child is able to identify people at the age of three months.
  • It can recognize closely related persons and the feeding bortle, it displays explicit reactions to parents, people showing love for it and strangers, no matter whether the reactions are pleasant or unpleasant.

Test your knowledge of cognitive development in infants with this quiz. Learn about the early stages of cognitive skills such as visual tracking, object recognition, and reactions to familiar and unfamiliar faces.

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